Trick or Treat Safety for Kids

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trick or treating safety for kids - Southern Oak Insurance

When it’s time for your kids to trick or treat alone for the first time, Halloween gets extra scary. Sure, you want your kids to have fun on this year’s spooky holiday, but you know safety has to come first. Here are a few quick Trick or Treating Safety Tips.

How to Use a Home Insurance Calculator

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Home insurance calculator

How much is your home really worth? When you’re looking for home insurance, it can be difficult to determine exactly what to insure and for how much. How do you use a home insurance calculator, and what does it actually reveal? The amount of insurance you should have on your home varies depending on the value of your home, your property, and your assets.

JDRF’s Miracles Gala – One Night of Paris

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Every year, 40,000 people are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which is associated with a 13 year decrease in life expectancy. There is no known cause or cure; which is why the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is working to find one.

The Heart Glu Foundation’s “Underneath The Stars” Dinner

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Many schools across the U.S. are underpriveleged;  in many low-income communities across America, the schools do not have the proper resources to teach their students, and many fall behind.  Because of this, less than 50% of low-income kids graduate high school and less than 30% go to college. The Heart Glu Foundation is attempting to change these numbers by providing schools with the resources they need.

6 Tips for Getting the Best Home Insurance Quotes Possible

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Best homeowners insurance

Whether you’re purchasing insurance online or in person, make sure that your cheap insurance quote is also a quality deal.

How much is homeowners insurance? Whether you’re buying and insuring your first home or negotiating a new policy, you’re looking for the best home insurance quotes possible. While everyone’s looking for an excellent deal, there’s more to insurance than the price. These tips will help you find the best quality home insurance.

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