The Dangers of Roofing Scams for Homeowners

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homeowners insuranceAs a Florida homeowners insurance company, Southern Oak strives to do everything possible to help customers preserve the value of their property. For local homes, a large part of this effort is spent helping people keep their roofs in good shape. While typical homeowners insurance coverages include insurance for roofs, it is important to find a roofing contractor who offers a good value by providing quality work and a fair price.

Citizens Property Insurance Takeouts Explained

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homeowners insurance Florida what is a Citizens Property Insurance takeout

In 2002, Florida created Citizens Property Insurance as a non-profit, government entity that would cover high-risk properties that private insurers declined. This property could be homes, businesses, and other types of structures that private insurers deemed too risky. While this coverage is mainly funded by premiums, during times of disasters, fund shortages might be funded by an assessment against most Florida property holders and not just property owners covered by the high-risk insurer. This keeps the cost of high-risk coverage lower, but it costs all Floridians money after a disaster.

Homeowners Insurance Florida – Getting Homeowners Insurance Discounts

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Homeowners Insurance Florida - Getting Insurance discounts

In some parts of this state, homeowners insurance is both necessary and expensive. As a Florida homeowners insurance company, the people at Southern Oak would like to let local homeowners know about some practical ways to protect homes and qualify for homeowners insurance credits or discounts. In some cases, these discounts could even be large enough to help pay for improvements over time, and they will certainly be worthwhile if they help prevent damage and high insurance claims.

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